In essence, we are a platform that...

Advocates to raise awareness on the importance of mental health.

Fundraises and channels resources to where it is most needed.

Collaborates with stakeholders on specific demographics, segments and challenges in relation to mental health. 

Malaysia has every opportunity to contribute to global standards in mental healthcare. We believe that these pursuits will help us to bridge existing gaps, mainstream mental health issues and scale up services towards further support for mental health in our country.


There can never be too much advocacy on mental health, particularly when there is still a lack of awareness and the stigma to mental health issues remains high. Advocacy is what gives us the opportunity to interact with stakeholders old and new, near and far.

Our approach is centred on:

Educating the public on the importance of mental health.

Cultivating a positive attitude towards mental health.

Ingraining the belief that mental health problems can be overcome and managed.


Our advocacy focuses on targeted, thought-provoking messaging to help speak directly to the public. Mental health is very much internalised; it is about the unseen and the unheard, so our aim is to encourage people to reflect on their well-being overall.

The Green Ribbon Group has been very fortunate to work with media giants and corporations such as Setia Media Sdn. Bhd., Suria KLCC and Mediafiz Sdn. Bhd. – all of which have given us the opportunity to showcase our advocacy throughout the Klang Valley. 

Safe Space

Our advocacy with Suria KLCC went a step further with the Safe Space that ran for two months in November and December 2021 in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2021. The idea was to take visitors on a mental health journey. 

Educational and interactive by design, Suria KLCC worked with the Green Ribbon Group, the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA), RELATE Malaysia and Befrienders to shed light on how people can manage their psychological well-being in simple yet holistic ways. With the theme “We Are With You,” the Safe Space was a platform for the community to converge and have discussions on mental health. 

Our Advocacy and Programmes Executive, Marsya Shamshul Bahari, delivered a talk entitled, “My Experience Voicing for Others.” 

Accumulate, Aggregate, Articulate!

As non-professionals championing a community approach to mental health, our goal is to always highlight that we as individuals can play a preventative role. In 2021, our President and the Green Ribbon Group raised awareness on:

Youth suicide in Malaysia
Decriminalisation of attempted suicide
Women’s mental health in leadership
Men’s mental health
Mental health in the workplace
Destigmatising mental health

Please visit Engagements for more information on these topics.


We have been very humbled to receive contributions from a wide range of stakeholders in the community.

Thus far, we received contributions from…

corporate donors
angel donors

The percentage of these contributions in terms of our overall fundraising is…

88% private sector

(corporate donors in the Healthcare, IT, Creative, Insurance and F&B industries; collaborations in the Beauty and Wellness industries; purchases and donations via our website; angel donors)

12% public sector

These contributions have been used to support…

100 individuals for Mental Health First Aid training

251 individuals / 25 sessions for A Conversation on Suicide

200 psychotherapy / counselling sessions

2 Caregiver Education Manuals (Facilitator & Participant)

30 students / 1 weekend of The GREAT Project

For more information on how these contributions have been utilised, please visit Initiatives. This year, we are prioritising students as a targeted demographic throughout our advocacy and programmes. We will also continue our efforts to strengthen psychosocial support in communities.


We feel that leadership in mental health must be strengthened, and stakeholders from various fields should be engaged. The mental health landscape will never improve for as long as stakeholders work in silos and key players are ignored. The Green Ribbon group aims to collaborate with strategic partners to encourage more visible leadership and policy making in mental health.