All about the Green Ribbon Group

16th December 2022

Ariane Yasmin, co-founder and vice president of the Green Ribbon Group, joins in the fourth episode of the Mindful Conversation with the host, Marsya Shamshul. In this final podcast episode of the year, Ariane and Marsya talked about the Green Ribbon Group’s two-year journey.

Men's Mental Health

30th November 2022

Ishaq Vadillo, one of the co-founders of ChaCha Kombucha as well as a fitness trainer, joins the third episode of the Mindful Conversation podcast, hosted by Irfan Rendrawan from Green Ribbon Group. In this episode, Ishaq and Irfan dived into men’s mental health and shared their experiences and opinions on the matter.

Youth's Mental Health in Malaysia

31th October 2022

In the second episode of the Mindful Conversations podcast hosted by Irfan, we discussed youth mental health in Malaysia with a special guest from the Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA), Ms. Jen, and Marsya Shamshul from the Green Ribbon Group.

My Mental Health Journey As An Undergraduate Student

30th September 2022

Emma, an undergraduate student from the University of Bristol, and Thaqif, an undergraduate student from the University of Cambridge, share their experience as second-year students in the United Kingdom and how they dealt with their mental health during their studies.