December 2022

Creating and Mobilising Community Champions: Year 2

Our first year taught us that it is no longer enough to simply raise awareness on mental health – we must also equip people with basic skills to help support themselves and one another. Our community approach to mental health is the foundation of our literacy and advocacy programmes, which were piloted in universities and secondary schools this year. We also widened our network and engaged with leading organisations in the consultancy and broadcasting industries on workplace mental health, as well as international partners at the 23rd World Mental Health Congress in London. 2022 is the year of many firsts for the Green Ribbon Group (GRG).

December 2022

Mental Health as a School Subject?

Mental health has increasingly become a topic of conversation in Malaysia since the Covid-19 pandemic. Such a conversation often emphasizes on the importance of mental health awareness and education, as well as ways to manage mental health issues. During lockdown periods, some may experience difficulty in adapting to a new routine after a shift to their normal day-to-day activities. The series of lockdowns also impacted many – from students, to workers, to business owners and to many more – that there is an alarming increase in suicide rates of 81% in 2021 compared to the previous year and an overwhelming demand for mental health services.

June 2022

Green Ribbon Group’s visit to London

“Green Ribbon Group, London, 27 June to 1 July 2022” – The Green Ribbon Group was part of the first Malaysian delegation to attend the 23rd World Federation for Mental Health Congress, led by our Founder and President YAM Tengku Puteri Iman Afzan, whose Patronage of the Congress was the first for an Asian representative. We presented twice at the WFMH Congress and also hosted a roundtable with Malaysian students and stakeholders at the High Commission. 

April 2022

Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Unison

The pandemic has pushed mental health problems out into the open. While this may seem bleak for a post-Covid-19 Malaysia, there are ways to address and manage mental health in our country. More importantly, the problems can be addressed by all of us – those in positions of leadership and authority and the wider community. The path forward is not linear nor is it constrained or limited to the government or mental health professionals alone. We are all stakeholders.

January 2022

Mental Health & Well-being in the Workplace

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, some of us have had to adjust to new working arrangements, while others have suffered from pay cuts and retrenchment. We are therefore proud to have been given the opportunity to assist Takaful Malaysia with “Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace,” a guide that was distributed to their 1,000 employees in January 2022.

December 2021

A Community Approach to Mental Health: Year 1

An overview of our first year as a stakeholder in Malaysia’s mental health sector. The prospectus outlines the Green Ribbon Group’s humble contributions to the mental health cause thus far. It also touches on driving change and making a bigger impact and our vision of a sustainable and integrated mental health support system.